12 Common Financial Planning Mistakes


Over the years, people have confessed to me the financial planning mistakes they've made. From cashing out retirement accounts to buying too much on credit... and everything in between. You can hear the regret in their voice. While we can never reverse history and take back those financial mistakes, we do have the opportunity [...]

12 Common Financial Planning Mistakes2020-12-30T15:27:57-08:00

Do You Need Travel Insurance?


Travel Insurance is offered by many providers and readily available but do you need it? Whether you need travel insurance is likely to depend on your level of coverage from existing homeowner's, medical, automobile, and life insurance policies. In many instances, travel insurance may duplicate coverage that you already have. Travel insurance is likely to include [...]

Do You Need Travel Insurance?2017-11-06T22:07:46-08:00

Diversification: A Big Word, With Bigger Investment Implications


When investing, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Use diversification to manage risk and potentially enhance performance. In today's market environment, diversification is more important than ever.(1) But what is the thinking behind this big word? The process of diversifying -- or dividing your money among different types of investments -- is [...]

Diversification: A Big Word, With Bigger Investment Implications2017-11-06T21:21:41-08:00

Classic Investing Mistakes


Investing Mistakes - How many can you prevent yourself from making?  Year after year, in bull and bear markets, investors make some all-too-common blunders. They have been written about, talked about, and critiqued at some length – and yet they are still made. You can chalk them up to psychology, human nature, perhaps even a [...]

Classic Investing Mistakes2016-12-14T17:06:21-08:00
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