Unbiased Advice for Your Retirement Plan

Because employees don’t get the 401(k), the education, or the service they need to successfully achieve their retirement goals.
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Our 401k Retirement Plan Consulting team is not just interested in helping you set up the basics, we’re interested in crafting a long-term relationship with you that incorporates:

  • Plan design: We will leverage our Best Practices to design the right retirement plan for you.
  • Ongoing monitoring of 401k investments as well as the 401)k) service providers
  • Educational opportunities for plan sponsors and participants.

401k Retirement Plan Design Education

The first step in our consultative process is to identify your group’s core values and to help you ensure your 401(k) plan’s objectives support these values. Together we’ll then set goals and priorities and a plan to pursue them.  We’ll record them in a Service Plan for regular reviews and access through our secure client portal.

401k Plan Vendor Selection

We’ll support your search for appropriate 401k vendors, based on your plan’s values and goals. We’ll help negotiate your fees so your participants not only have access to a comprehensive array of investments, but also get competitive pricing which can help improve participant results. In the spirit of due diligence and smooth service, we’ll also monitor the vendor on an ongoing basis and act as your liaison.

401k Investment Selection and Monitoring

Throughout the year, we provide independent investment research, analysis, and reporting though our institutional due diligence process.  This process helps us recommend and monitor appropriate investment menus for participants. Plans rely on our process to enhance investment opportunities, manage risk and reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.

Ongoing Education for Plan Sponsors

We believe the most successful retirement plans are those that are compliant, productive, and easy to understand. As such, we provide educational opportunities for plan sponsors to improve decision-making when it comes to vendor selection, fiduciary responsibilities, investment choices, and participant education. Plan sponsors also receive the benefit of a quarterly newsletter outlining the latest news and trends in retirement plans.

Ongoing Education for Employees

Our strategies are designed around the needs of real people, delivering customizable assistance with measurable results. Just as we’re committed to the education of plan sponsors, we also seek to educate plan participants through our personalized interactive workshops, participant newsletter, seminars and webinars.  Our workshops encompass more than just 401k education. The 401k is just one part of the participant’s overall financial picture.  To improve their financial literacy, we provide fun and interactive education.


Meet Your Retirement Results Team

Your Retirement Results Team

“We answer the phone when your employees call.”

The Retirement Results Team is a specialized group of retirement specialists dedicated to educating you on your retirement plan options. Focused on serving your diverse financial needs and concerns, we are available to help you at every stage of your career.

Every retirement specialist on our team is a registered financial advisor with real life experience helping people, just like you, navigate a successful path toward retirement. Our sole focus is to help you pursue your retirement goals.

The bottom line. We take a consultative, educational approach to help plan fiduciaries manage risk, while enhancing investment opportunities and helping participants work towards financial security.

We are proud of our commitment to excellence, and invite you to see for yourself how our services can make a difference in your retirement plan.

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