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how much life insuranceWe help couples address the mediation, legal, lifestyle planning, and financial concerns of divorce in a civilized, equitable, and efficient manner. Our services are based on using a team approach that includes attorneys, accountants, and financial planning professionals.

The Value in Working With A Financial Advisor During Your Divorce

Divorce can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Virtue Wealth is here to bring you comfort and guide you step-by-step through what can seem to be an alien and unnecessarily intimidating process.

A settlement is just the start.

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divorce financial guide “When divorce happens” provides financial tips to help you through what can feel like an awfully confusing time. This guide is yours free.

A Divorce Financial Advisor & Your Financial Advocate

As your personal Financial Advisor during your divorce, we will help you:

  • Completely understand this complex process
  • Determine which assets (e.g, IRA, 401k, fixed or variable annuities, life insurance, non-retirement and brokerage) are more advantageous for you to keep and how they impact your long-term and short-term goals
  • Maximize your short-term and long-term cashflow needs
  • Keep emotions out of the equation so you remain objective
  • Make reasoned, rational decisions at every critical stage
  • Always act as your advocate

Divorce is a process. Not an event.

Your Financial Advisor And Advocate During Your Divorce

Long-term as your Financial Advisor, our role is to:

  • Manage, preserve, and grow your assets
  • Align your financial needs with your lifestyle needs
  • Plan your investments in a risk adverse manner

Your Financial Advisor Client Experience – What You Can Expect

At Virtue, you and your financial advisor begin with a meaningful conversation about you. What are your financial goals and how will those financial goals support what you truly want for your life?

When we meet, you’ll never feel rushed or uncomfortable asking a question. After all, it’s about you so you shouldn’t feel like an outsider. As our client, you’ll never think to yourself “How’s my money doing?” or “I haven’t heard from my financial advisor in a while” because we proactively reach out to you. But if you do need us, your call is answered right away and your message returned the same day. That’s what you can expect. Financial advisor services centered around you.

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