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Financial Tip: Review All Your Insurance Policies Annually to Protect Your Assets


Check Off Your Insurance Check-Up: An Insurance Coverage Checklist Insurance is one of the most crucial components of financial well-being, even though you may not necessarily receive an actual payout from a policy. Many things in life are especially valuable, such as your time, your health, your home, and even your life. Insurance can [...]

Financial Tip: Review All Your Insurance Policies Annually to Protect Your Assets2024-05-08T13:55:48-07:00

8 Fun Tax Tips for Small Business Owners


Small Business Owners - Dance Your Way to Tax Benefits Jazz up your financial dance floor by steering clear of the dull groove of inaccurate record keeping! Picture this: a well-choreographed routine of meticulous bookkeeping, where every dollar waltzes in and out, setting the stage for a financially focused business extravaganza. Keep those records in [...]

8 Fun Tax Tips for Small Business Owners2024-05-06T11:44:55-07:00

30,000 Reasons To Be Thankful (Dow Reaches Record 30,000)


As 2020 winds down, it has been an extremely tough year on all of us. Still, there are many reasons to be thankful and today we will share some reasons investors should be thankful. Stocks have had one of the largest reversals ever in 2020, something to be thankful for. In fact, this could be [...]

30,000 Reasons To Be Thankful (Dow Reaches Record 30,000)2020-11-25T15:26:34-08:00

Private Equity Funds: Not Just for Ultra-Wealthy


Can private equity funds help you minimize risk and achieve higher returns than other investments? Introduction to Private Equity Funds Historically, investors have looked to private equity as a potential source of attractive returns, low correlation to other asset classes, diversification from public securities & the possibility of returns  greater than those otherwise available [...]

Private Equity Funds: Not Just for Ultra-Wealthy2021-02-25T11:51:31-08:00

3 Election Charts That Caught Our Attention


Stocks just had their best week since April, with the S&P 500 Index incredibly a chip shot away from new all-time highs. Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, but markets are confident Republicans will maintain the Senate, and this means gridlock in Washington. Remember, gridlock is good, as it pulls [...]

3 Election Charts That Caught Our Attention2020-11-09T13:23:33-08:00

Our Post Election Thoughts


As of Thursday morning, a winner to the 2020 presidential election has yet to be “officially” declared as several battleground states have yet to be called. Even as more clarity emerges from remaining votes being counted in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania today and tomorrow, recounts and legal challenges could draw this out longer. A Democratic [...]

Our Post Election Thoughts2020-11-05T14:10:17-08:00

An Election Pattern You Might Not Know About


With Election Day a mere five days away, we at LPL Research thought we would add one last election forecaster to the mix of what we’ve presented over the last several months—as much because of what it might tell us about the American electorate as what it might tell us about the election. As shown [...]

An Election Pattern You Might Not Know About2020-10-30T10:12:49-07:00

GDP Bounces Back: October 29th Surprise


The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns triggered the largest quarter over-quarter decline in gross domestic product (GDP) since WWII, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that the following quarter tallied the sharpest rebound in that same time period. GDP expanded 33.1% on an annualized basis in the third quarter, ahead of Bloomberg [...]

GDP Bounces Back: October 29th Surprise2020-10-29T10:54:43-07:00

Why Stocks Want President Trump To Win


Now that we have your attention with that eye-grabbing title, there’s definitely something to the idea that stocks perform better the year after a sitting president wins reelection. “Think about it—usually when a president wins reelection, it means the economy is going pretty strong, so stocks tend to do well,” explained LPL Financial Chief Market [...]

Why Stocks Want President Trump To Win2020-10-21T16:12:04-07:00

Follow the Bouncing Stimulus Ball


Stimulus talks in Washington, DC, are getting a lot of attention from investors—and for good reason. The midpoint of the two offers—roughly $1.6 trillion from the White House and $2.2 trillion from US House Democrats—is about 9% of last year’s US gross domestic product (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). That’s a big deal in terms [...]

Follow the Bouncing Stimulus Ball2020-10-12T08:43:59-07:00
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