A 401k Plan Fiduciary is obligated to work in your best interest.

The challenges and demands of running your business and being a Human Resources professional might not leave you with time for much else. That includes keeping up with the ongoing rules and regulations and ERISA compliance  for your company retirement plan. That could be why more plan sponsors, like you, are hiring fiduciaries to help manage the complexities of their 401(k) and company retirement plan.

Learn what role a fiduciary can play on your team and why you should consider using a fiduciary for your 401k or other retirement plan.

Solution: As industry leaders in the retirement plan space, we can act as your Retirement Plan Fiduciary, alleviating a substantial amount of liability for you.

Fiduciary Services

santa clarita 401k fiduciaryVirtue Wealth serves as a fiduciary with you on your 401(k) plan, and holds the highest fiduciary standard. As an independent advisor, our compensation will never vary from fund to fund. At least once a year, we will provide your 401(k) committee with a written report advising you as to the status of all of the key components of the plan, from fiduciary obligations to investment performance. If you are currently working with a broker, you owe it to yourself and your employees to evaluate the benefits of working with an independent firm. From full disclosure to the absence of hidden compensation arrangements, the differences go beyond just fiduciary duties.

Learn about 401k Fiduciary Services: “7 Reasons Why Informed Investors Choose Fiduciaries

 You’ll learn how fiduciaries are obligated not to engage in any self-dealing or other conflicts of interest. In fulfilling fiduciary obligations and duties to you, we proactively perform required due diligence prior to making recommendations. Are you prepared for a Department of Labor audit?

We Are a Fiduciary.

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