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Jeter and Erick

Your passion fueled your work ethic and your drive to excel beyond all others. All the years of hard work and overcoming obstacles that few can comprehend. You made sacrifices and now you reap the financial rewards. Congratulations, you made it! But…now that you have money, new problems and concerns have popped up. You know your career can’t last forever. Now that you have money, who can you trust? Who can you turn to for unbiased advice that puts your needs above all else?

You know how to make money. We know how to help you keep it. Let’s work together to so your hard-earned money lasts and you have financial security for your life. Let’s build a plan that encompasses the high-earning years, your goals, your dreams, your passions, and what might lie ahead on the next frontier of your life.

I will be there for the highs and lows…and everything in between. I understand the fears and concerns you have. No more “financial speak” and confusing jargon. If you can’t understand the custom financial plan we build for you then it’s my mistake. I work for you.

Peyton and ErickAs your Wealth Advisors, we have the experience and resources to assist in managing the many facets of your financial world – from investments and risk management to estate planning. Working together, we will create a custom financial plan to help protect and grow your wealth for your lifetime and beyond and work by your side to help you pursue your life goals.

Our Wealth Management Process

Customized: At Virtue, you’ll notice our Wealth Management process is different right away. We don’t try to fit you into a mold or hand you a boilerplate financial plan. You and your goals are unique. Your Wealth Management should be, too.

Expertise: After reviewing and discussing your goals we’ll create your personal financial plan and a strategy to manage your wealth. Working alongside our team of Certified Financial Planners ™ CFP®, we will design a custom financial plan to help you pursue your specific financial and life goals. And to manage your assets, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all portfolio management. We choose from many different managers, each one with expertise in a different investment objective.

Ongoing Management: Too many financial plans sit on a bookshelf and never viewed again. Maybe they weren’t all that meaningful to begin with but we believe your financial plan is a living, breathing document. It provides guidance as you pursue your financial goals but it needs to be reviewed regularly because we all know that life doesn’t always go according to plan. And when it doesn’t, we’ll be there right by your side through all of it.

Your Wealth Management Client Experience

At Virtue, your wealth management client experience begins with a meaningful conversation about you. What are your financial goals and how will those financial goals support what you truly want for your life?

When we meet, you’ll never feel rushed or uncomfortable asking a question. After all, it’s about you so you shouldn’t feel like an outsider. As our client, you’ll never think to yourself “How’s my money doing?” or “I haven’t heard from my financial advisor in a while” because we proactively reach out to you. But if you do need us, your call is answered right away and your message returned the same day. That’s what you can expect. Wealth Management services centered around you.

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