Travel Insurance is offered by many providers and readily available but do you need it?

travel insurance Whether you need travel insurance is likely to depend on your level of coverage from existing homeowner’s, medical, automobile, and life insurance policies. In many instances, travel insurance may duplicate coverage that you already have. Travel insurance is likely to include coverage for trip cancellation, lost or stolen baggage or personal items, emergency medical assistance, and death while you are on vacation. Trip cancellation provides coverage if a cruise line or tour operator goes out of business or if you need to cancel because of illness or a death in the family. Costs for trip cancellation coverage typically range between 5% and 7% of the cost of the vacation.(1)

Research Before You Buy


Before purchasing coverage for baggage or personal effects, determine how much coverage an airline or other travel provider offers. Airlines may limit their liability for lost baggage. Also review your health insurance to determine your liability for medical expenses, especially emergency care, out of state or out of the country, if applicable. If you already have life insurance, you may not need additional coverage for vacation.

If you determine that your existing coverage will not be adequate for your personal liability during a vacation, you may want to purchase coverage through a third-party insurance company rather than from a tour operator or cruise line. In the event of bankruptcy, a policy originating from a tour
operator or cruise line may not provide coverage.

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1 – Insurance Information Institute

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