Over the years, people have confessed to me the financial planning mistakes they’ve made. From cashing out retirement accounts to buying too much on credit… and everything in between. You can hear the regret in their voice. While we can never reverse history and take back those financial mistakes, we do have the opportunity to learn from them.

I decided to compile a list. I even made a handout for clients and the employees who contribute to the 401k plans that my clients sponsor at their workplace. Just as to-do lists can be a key part of planning, do-not-do lists can be helpful reminders to avoid mistakes that others have made.

Without further ado, here are my Top 12 Financial Planning Mistakes:

  1. Impulse investing – Avoid investing based on a whim or a tip. Don’t invest a certain way just because a friend or colleague does. Instead, be thoughtful and strategic.
  2. Lacking an overall plan or strategy –Don’t look at financial decisions in isolation. Think about how they affect or are affected by other elements. For example, when deciding on your asset allocation, keep all of your investments in mind, not just those in a particular account.
  3. Not paying yourself first – Saving should be your top priority. Put money aside with every paycheck.
    It’s easy to do through payroll deduction or a similar automatic system.

There are 9 more. I’ll share the rest for free. Here you go, download your copy today. And share with a friend. Remember, friends don’t let friends get into crazy financial predicaments.

Download “12 Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid” for Free!

financial mistakes to avoid

Many people spend 10, 20, and 30 years working and end up with very little savings. Don't be one of them!   Avoid these 12 financial mistakes so you can build wealth over your lifetime. Share them with friends, share them with family.

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