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What to Expect Out of The Fed


Key Takeaways Inflation expectations over the next 12 months have convincingly improved, giving the Federal Reserve (Fed) reasons to pivot. We will likely notice improving inflation dynamics later this week. Risk appetite improved as investors considered bringing cash off the sidelines and into capital markets, pushing the markets to new all-time highs. Building permits, [...]

What to Expect Out of The Fed2024-01-26T09:52:10-08:00

Market Performance After Rate Cut – Be Careful What You Wish For


Stock Market Performance After Fed Cuts Rates - Historical Perspective Market-watchers have been intensely focused on the Federal Reserve (Fed) this year. Recently, they’ve mostly opined on when the first rate cut might be coming and, generally, making the assumption that a rate cut would be good for stocks. It could be good, but our analysis [...]

Market Performance After Rate Cut – Be Careful What You Wish For2023-12-08T17:01:58-08:00

After QE3 Ends


Can stocks keep their momentum once the Federal Reserve quits easing? “Easing without end” will finally end. According to its June policy meeting minutes, the Federal Reserve plans to wrap up QE3 (Quantitative Easing) this fall. Barring economic turbulence, the central bank’s ongoing stimulus effort will conclude on schedule, with a last $15 billion cut [...]

After QE3 Ends2016-12-14T17:06:16-08:00
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