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Trusts – Myths and Misconceptions about Estate Planning


Trusts are an important part of an overall estate plan, and should not be overlooked For the average investor, setting up a trust with your estate attorney as part of estate planning can make a lot of sense. For wealthy investors, it can be nearly essential. So why then do only 33% of Americans [...]

Trusts – Myths and Misconceptions about Estate Planning2024-04-12T16:07:43-07:00

Estate Planning is For Everyone


Hey there, future-focused friends! Let's dive into the wonderful world of estate planning – the ultimate life roadmap to make sure your dreams and wishes are rockin' even after you've left the stage. Okay, I get it, talking about estate planning might not be as exciting as a rollercoaster ride, but trust me, it's [...]

Estate Planning is For Everyone2023-09-21T20:13:40-07:00

Adding a Personal Backup With a Living Trust


The managers of well-run businesses usually name "backups" to keep things going smoothly -- just in case. That's also a smart plan for your personal finances, where you risk experiencing financial losses or other difficulties if you can't make your own decisions because of a long illness or other unexpected problem. You might prepare for [...]

Adding a Personal Backup With a Living Trust2019-07-25T22:31:13-07:00

9 Essential Estate-Planning Documents


Estate-planning can be confusing...and boring.  Yet, it is a critical part of your financial plan.  This article is from Nerd Wallet. Dying intestate (will-less) leaves your heirs with a potential mess.  And yet, 61% of Americans die without one, says a recent Harris Interactive poll for RocketLawyer, a legal website. In fact, 28% of us would rather do anything than [...]

9 Essential Estate-Planning Documents2016-12-14T17:05:00-08:00
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