estate-planningEstate-planning can be confusing…and boring.  Yet, it is a critical part of your financial plan.  This article is from Nerd Wallet.

Dying intestate (will-less) leaves your heirs with a potential mess.  And yet, 61% of Americans die without one, says a recent Harris Interactive poll for RocketLawyer, a legal website. In fact, 28% of us would rather do anything than make a will.

Without a will, a probate court decides where your property goes; it can take months—sometimes years.  Money you intended for heirs and good causes may go to pay lawyers.  Do you have young children? If your will doesn’t name their guardians, a court will do it. And what about Fido and the kitties?  Their future is up for grabs if your will doesn’t spell it out.

To truly sort out your estate planning, prepare these nine documents and your heirs will thank you eternally:

  1. Will
  2. Trust
  3. Healthcare Power of Attorney + Living Will
  4. Dependable Power of Attorney
  5. Beneficiary Designations
  6. Life Insurance
  7. Provisional for Digital Assets
  8. Letter of Intent
  9. List of Documents

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