Ask Erick: Do small 401k plans have to worry about fiduciary liability?


Q: Our 401(k) plan is relatively small. Do we need to be concerned about fiduciary issues and lawsuits? It seems like there are bigger fish to fry! A: If your plan does not hold much money in assets, you are correct that ERISA enforcement agencies have bigger fish to fry. However, that does not mean [...]

Ask Erick: Do small 401k plans have to worry about fiduciary liability?2019-10-30T23:50:16-07:00

2019 Q1 401k Plan Sponsor’s Calendar


401k Plan Sponsor’s Quarterly Calendar  April If a plan audit is required in connection with the Form 5500, make arrangements with an independent accountant/auditor for the audit to be completed before the Form 5500 due date (calendar-year plans). Audit first quarter payroll and plan deposit dates to ensure compliance with the Department of Labor’s rules [...]

2019 Q1 401k Plan Sponsor’s Calendar2019-01-09T21:29:23-08:00

7 Baby Steps To Reach Your Retirement Savings Goals


Feeling overwhelmed thinking about your retirement savings? Babies crawl before they can walk. Their first step is the most important -- it is the beginning of a lifetime journey.  If you know you should begin saving and investing for retirement, don't worry about making a giant leap forward. Taking one small step toward [...]

7 Baby Steps To Reach Your Retirement Savings Goals2017-07-06T15:59:50-07:00

401k News: Dept of Labor and IRS Update Q2 2015


DOL Update Participant Fee Disclosure Deadline Extended During second quarter, the DOL released final regulations to permanently extend the annual participant fee disclosure time frame, effective this year. The original regulations require plans to provide a disclosure of plan and investment information, including an investment comparative chart, to participants once every 12 months. The first [...]

401k News: Dept of Labor and IRS Update Q2 20152016-12-14T17:05:29-08:00

401k Sponsor Internet Resources


If you are the sponsor for an employer-sponsored, here are some resources available on the Internet to help you better manage your plan. Internal Revenue Service, Employee Plans Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration 401(k) Help Center BenefitsLink PlanSponsor Magazine Plan Sponsor Council of America Employee Benefits Institute [...]

401k Sponsor Internet Resources2016-12-14T17:05:32-08:00

Plan Sponsor, Are You Using Electronic Disclosures?


If your plan uses electronic delivery of required disclosures to employees, you are likely simplifying the disclosure process, making information delivery more reliable and reducing plan administration costs, according to the Principal Financial Group. Principal’s Electronic Delivery of Participant Disclosure Materials is a guide for plan sponsors to the Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal [...]

Plan Sponsor, Are You Using Electronic Disclosures?2016-12-14T17:05:59-08:00
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