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Saving college funds for children


As college costs are expected to continue climbing, let me help you plan for your child's education expenses. Life insurance can be vital in helping you save college funds for your children. Whether you're there or not. I’ll help you determine how much you’ll need for your child’s education fund.  Here are some benefits of [...]

Saving college funds for children2022-11-03T08:16:24-07:00

There is no getting around it. Paying for college is expensive.


What goals do you have for your child? The average cost of college in the United States is $35,720 per student per year. This number has tripled in 20 years! If you hope to send your kids to college, the sooner you have a plan in place to pay that bill the better. “College is [...]

There is no getting around it. Paying for college is expensive.2022-07-08T07:29:49-07:00

529 Plans: Taking Distributions


What expenses are covered by a 529 plan and which are not? Parents looking to take advantage of the many benefits of saving for college with a 529 plan will want to know the full details on which educational expenses qualify for tax-free distribution status -- and which do not. (1) In Publication 970, [...]

529 Plans: Taking Distributions2017-08-17T21:46:02-07:00

Procrastination Can Cost You


Putting off retirement savings is a missed opportunity Most people start saving for retirement at 35—fully 10 years beyond the ideal age, according to a recent Financial Engines survey.1 Reasons to procrastinate are familiar to many. But delaying your savings can be costly, as the chart below shows. Let’s say Tom starts saving 6% of [...]

Procrastination Can Cost You2016-12-14T17:05:28-08:00

Know Before You Go: Understanding Your Distribution Options


When changing jobs or leaving employment, decisions you make about taking money from your plan can have serious tax consequences. Here’s what you need to know. Your Options Pros Cons 1. Roll over to an IRA Continue tax-deferred growth Avoid early withdrawal penalties Have flexible investment options Can choose a Roth after-tax IRA Consolidate your [...]

Know Before You Go: Understanding Your Distribution Options2016-12-14T17:05:28-08:00

It’s a Big, Open Road in Your 20s: Find the On-Ramp to Financial Independence


In your 20s, the horizon seems limitless. You’re in your first grown-up job, making a regular paycheck. You may be tempted to spend it on fun stuff. But here are four areas that should take priority. Pay off credit card debt. If you carry a hefty monthly balance, or are just paying the minimum interest, [...]

It’s a Big, Open Road in Your 20s: Find the On-Ramp to Financial Independence2016-12-14T17:05:29-08:00

Good Financial Habits Start Early


Getting into a regular savings groove starts with a single first step Working at a job in high school may help form lifelong financial habits with a big payoff. Gretchen, a 40-year-old registered nurse, started babysitting and working at a grocery store when she was 15. She regularly put half of her paycheck in a [...]

Good Financial Habits Start Early2016-12-14T17:05:29-08:00

Lofty Goals, Limited Means: Finding Ways to Boost Your Investments


If you're ready to start investing or ramp up your current investment initiatives but there just doesn't seem to be enough money left over at the end of the month, don't give up. The following strategies could help you manage your money better and free up resources for your investment goals. Start budgeting. While most [...]

Lofty Goals, Limited Means: Finding Ways to Boost Your Investments2016-12-14T17:05:30-08:00

The Importance of Emergency Savings


Did you know that most financial experts recommend setting aside enough money to cover three to six months' worth of expenses in the event of a major financial surprise? That's because a well-funded emergency account has the potential to get you through tough times without the need to spend other savings, such as assets earmarked [...]

The Importance of Emergency Savings2016-12-14T17:05:30-08:00

I’m a Single Parent. How Can I Get Ahead Financially?


As a single parent, you need to understand the financial strategies that can stretch your income and help you lay the groundwork for a secure future. Consider the following lessons to help improve your family's bottom line: Identify Your Goals - You can't have a financial plan without first defining your financial goals. Start by recording [...]

I’m a Single Parent. How Can I Get Ahead Financially?2016-12-14T17:05:30-08:00
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