Circuit Breakers Explained


Over the past few weeks, investors may have been introduced to a new term they weren’t previously familiar with: circuit breakers. Today, we answer a few simple questions about circuit breakers: What is a circuit break? A circuit breaker is a built-in temporary halt or momentary pause in trading in the stock market. What are the [...]

Circuit Breakers Explained2020-03-23T10:13:22-07:00

Stocks Approach 2009 Valuations vs. Bonds


We rolled out our Road to Recovery playbook at the start of the week to help investors gauge where the market is in its bottoming process. The first and most important piece of that playbook—visibility into a peak in new COVID-19 cases—remains elusive, but we hope to have a clearer picture with the next couple of [...]

Stocks Approach 2009 Valuations vs. Bonds2020-03-19T21:25:50-07:00

How Bad is it and What Do We Do From Here?


Our everyday lives have changed dramatically over the last few weeks as we work together to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know these efforts are necessary, but they also have come at a cost. Global economic growth has been slowing, the US economy likely will contract temporarily, and US stocks have entered [...]

How Bad is it and What Do We Do From Here?2020-03-20T11:19:22-07:00

How Quickly Can Stocks Recover From COVID-19?


The market volatility continues, as the S&P 500 Index has closed either up or down 4% or more for a record 7 consecutive days. With the S&P 500 Index down 30% from the highs, it has officially moved into a bear market. Yesterday, we took a look at how stocks did after the lows of major [...]

How Quickly Can Stocks Recover From COVID-19?2020-03-18T21:59:42-07:00

Market Update: Managing Volatility & Looking for Some Green Shoots


An open letter to my valued clients and friends. (Originally sent to my Friday newsletter subscribers. Subscribe here) Fears over the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) have gripped the country and sent stocks in the US and around the world into bear markets. Thursday’s nearly 10% decline in the S&P 500 Index was one [...]

Market Update: Managing Volatility & Looking for Some Green Shoots2020-03-18T21:14:03-07:00
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