5 Real-Time Data Charts To Track the Recovery


We check in again today on some of the real-time economic data that LPL Research is monitoring to provide timely and valuable insights into the state of the US economy. Traditional economic data is often reported too slowly to pick up the changes that are occurring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest data [...]

5 Real-Time Data Charts To Track the Recovery2020-09-21T15:46:17-07:00

5 Lessons Learned About Rising Rates


While the direction of the 10-year Treasury yield over the last cycle was decidedly lower, as shown in LPL’s Chart of the Day, there were still six extended periods where it rose at least 0.75%, and in two of those it rose almost 2%. Looking ahead, economic growth below potential, slack in the labor market, [...]

5 Lessons Learned About Rising Rates2020-09-09T11:15:30-07:00

Was Trump Right About Rates?


Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell gave a significant speech at the annual central bank symposium at Jackson Hole last week in which he laid out the general conclusions of the Fed’s review of its Statement on Longer-Run Goals and Monetary Policy Strategy. That document outlines how the Fed goes about fulfilling its congressionally assigned [...]

Was Trump Right About Rates?2020-09-07T07:14:58-07:00

When Do Rates Start Rising After a Recession?


As the economy begins to recover, with the early stage more robust than expected, we increasingly get asked when interest rates will move meaningfully higher. As shown in the LPL Chart of the Day, historically rates don’t start to move higher until a median of about two years after a recession starts, and five [...]

When Do Rates Start Rising After a Recession?2020-09-02T11:51:11-07:00
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