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401k News: Legislative Update Q2 2015


401k Legislative Update State-Based Retirement Plan Initiatives While Congress has been unable to reach a consensus regarding whether automatic IRAs should be mandated for employers that do not offer retirement plans, a number of states have moved forward on this initiative, passing their own state-based retirement savings programs. Recently, 26 Senators wrote a joint letter to [...]

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Retirement Plan News: IRS Recap Q1 2015


IRS UPDATE IRS Tips on Correcting Plan Mistakes The IRS has compiled a list of common plan mistakes it encounters during examinations and in its voluntary correction programs. It may be helpful for plan sponsors to be familiar with these common mistakes and IRS tips for self-correction to avoid making similar mistakes. On the IRS [...]

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Retirement Plan News: DOL Recap Q1 2015


DOL UPDATE New Participant Fee Disclosure Timing Relief Under the DOL’s fee transparency regulations, plan administrators must provide a disclosure of plan and investment information, including an investment comparative chart, to eligible employees and beneficiaries once every 12 months. The original disclosures were due by August 30, 2012, and each annual disclosure thereafter would be [...]

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Retirement Plan News: Legislative Update Q1 2015


President’s 2016 Budget Proposal The president released his fiscal year 2016 budget proposal during first quarter. Unlike other retirement plan-related proposals introduced this year, the president’s budget proposal appears to combine retirement savings provisions with tax reform initiatives that would reduce the revenue impact of retirement savings. Retirement savings tax incentives are the second biggest [...]

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