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What You Can Do About Your Credit Score


Tips to improve it and how long it will take. Roughly half of millennials have bad credit. Consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion says that 43% of borrowers in the 18-36 age bracket have credit scores under 600. For a generation crushed by student debt, that isn’t surprising.1 A credit rating is a snapshot of your borrowing history. [...]

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How to Build Credit Without Credit Cards


Whenever anyone sets forth on a credit-building journey, they are undoubtedly given the same piece of advice: open a credit card account. This lesson is repeated over and over again because it’s one of the simplest steps an individual can take to begin establishing their credit history. However, there are plenty of people who may [...]

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Consumers Are Getting Smarter About Credit Scores, but Remain in the Dark on Key Points


Americans have become more informed about certain aspects of their credit scores, but most still don't know enough about the risks associated with low scores and alleged "credit repair" services, according to a recent report issued by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and VantageScore Solutions. For instance, consumers taking the CFA's Credit Score Quiz this [...]

Consumers Are Getting Smarter About Credit Scores, but Remain in the Dark on Key Points2016-12-14T17:05:24-08:00

Retirement Planning: Tips and Resources for Everyone


Boomers on the Brink: Issues Affecting Participants as They Consider Retirement Planning Will you still need me when I’m 64—or is it 65? Some birthdays are more important than others when it comes to retirement planning. Here are some milestones to remember. Age 50 More money can be placed in your retirement plan this year. Put [...]

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What’s Your Financial Health Score?


Developing a better budgeting process may be the biggest step toward that goal. Where does your money go? If you find yourself asking that question from time to time, it may relate to cash flow within your household. Having a cash flow management system may be instrumental in restoring some financial control. It is harder [...]

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Gauging Your Financial Well-Being


Six signs that you are in good shape. How well off do you think you are financially? If your career or life takes an unexpected turn, would your finances hold up? What do you think will become of the money you’ve made and saved when you are gone? These are major questions, and most people [...]

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