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Santa Clarita Business Owners Retirement PlansBusiness is getting more competitive each year. In order for you to be a top-quartile company you need to retain the top quality employees that you have as well as constantly attract new talent. As financial advisors specializing in working with businesses and business owners, we can help.

The most successful companies offer employees all of the following:

  • Great work environment (leadership, management, and challenging work)
  • Complete compensation packages (salary, benefits, 401K program)
  • Confidence in the long-term vision

Did You Know: “At least three-quarters of employed young adults say it is important for their employer to provide health insurance, a retirement savings plan, a wellness plan, and education and/or advice on how to save for retirement.” – AARP study (January 2008)”

Santa Clarita business owners have many challenges in building a sustainable and successful business. Oftentimes business owners don’t have the time or inclination to try to understand the retirement and insurance benefits that are important to building and protecting a business. We are highly versed in the different retirement plans you can use to potentially lower your taxes as well as build employee loyalty. Our financial advisors can help you implement the proper retirement plan as well as Key-Employee Insurance to protect the business owner’s family and shareholders.

The most often-asked questions from Santa Clarita business owners to our financial advisors are:

  • Which Retirement Plan is right for my business?
  • Which Group Health Insurance Plan is right for us and our budget?
  • How do I protect my business with Key Employee Insurance?
  • How does a Buy/Sell Agreement work?

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Santa Clarita Business Retirement Plans Options

Tax Credit for Santa Clarita Businesses

Considering a new company retirement plan? You may be eligible for $1,500 in tax credits.

What are the Advantages of Group Health Insurance?

Have you or someone in your family ever been denied health insurance or been rated making the costs seem almost unreasonably high? Applying for group health insurance for your business is not only a great benefit for employees but also guarantees insurability for every member and often costs less than individual insurance plans. Studies show group health insurance plans also improve employee retention.

How Can Life Insurance Help My Business?

Group Life Insurance (Section 79 Plans) allow business owners to automatically qualify for life insurance regardless of their health rating and grow additional assets tax-deferred. This benefit also allows the company to take partial deductions on premiums, saving the company money, and adding an additional benefit to select individuals chosen by the owners.

What is Key Employee Insurance?

  • Does your company have various owners?
  • Do they have beneficiaries such as a spouse or children?
  • If one of the owners passes away, how will total/partial transfer of ownership of the business be carried out?

Very often beneficiaries of an ownership interest of a business may have little to no interest in running or managing the company, leaving the remaining owners in a difficult position of paying off beneficiaries with assets the company may not even have. By issuing Key Employee Insurance to the principals of the business, the organization is able to afford paying the owner’s beneficiaries to maintain ownership interests within the company and keeping everyone happy. This insurance can come in various forms and is not necessarily expensive.

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