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I am a Fiduciary because it's right for my clients.

As a Financial Advisor, I've been working 1-on-1 with individuals and families to pursue their most important financial goals since 2003.

“Fiduciary” means I’ll always do what’s in your best interest. That’s what a fiduciary is.

My name is Erick Arndt. I became a Financial Advisor to help people pursue their financial goals and achieve more in life. If you keep doing what you’re doing now, are you confident you’ll achieve your financial goals? If not, then let’s get started today.
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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is Easy at Virtue Wealth Management.

Have you ever thought "Financial Planning is too complicated and time-consuming"?

At Virtue Wealth Management, we know you are the kind of person that wants to achieve more out of your financial life.

The problem is that Financial Planning has been made to look too complicated, financial plans are too hard to understand, and financial advisors use complicated financial jargon. We understand your frustration and that’s why our easy-to-follow financial plans come with an experienced financial advisor to explain the financial strategies in simple terms and work with you as you pursue all your financial goals. We are financial advisors and experienced financial planners based in Santa Clarita but now have clients throughout Los Angeles and across the United States.

Step 1: Your consultation – It all starts with a conversation. This is where we get to know each other and discuss what your goals are and how we can help you. We will also find out if we are a good fit for you and vice versa.

Step 2: We’ll develop a plan to pursue your goals – After that call we will get to work designing your financial plan utilizing proven financial strategies. Once your financial plan is complete, we’ll review it together, make sure you understand it, and then set a clear path using baby steps to move forward.

Step 3: Working side-by-side – Like any great coach we’ll have regular check-in calls to ensure you stay on track. We’ll work with you every step of the way and you’ll be able to monitor your progress 24/7 with our easy-to-use mobile app.
And if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

So get started on the path to your financial goals so you can stop living with all that worry about not achieving your financial goals and falling further and further behind and start living with confidence as you follow your financial plan and work with a financial advisor towards your goals.

It’s sort of like how Luke worked with Yoda on his quest to find The Force. We would be Yoda helping you (Luke) find your way (to your financial goals). Like any great coach, we have many years of experience in our field but we also have many years of experience helping people pursue the goals they want to achieve in life. A good coach has the heart of a teacher. And that’s no different here.

After your financial plan is designed by us, you’ll have regularly scheduled coaching calls with your advisor to review your goals and your progress. In the beginning it might feel bumpy because it’s new but after a little while you’ll get used to it and you’ll enjoy the process of moving towards your goals. And in no time, you’ll be telling others (and maybe even doing some bragging).

I’ve advised hundreds of families and individuals during my career as a financial advisor. I’ve worked with people with very little money when they started as well as people who had more than they will ever spend…and everything in between. I know how you feel. Anytime you start something new you get that feeling of doubt that it works for others but not you. I’ve had that feeling, too. I want you to know you are in good hands here. We have the team, the resources, and experience to help you.

We’ve worked hard to design different pricing plans that will meet almost anyone’s budget. Personally, I think it’s expensive NOT achieving your goals and working hard for 40 years without the financial results you desire. If you’re serious about pursuing your goals, then you’ll be able to build that into your budget.

We hear that all the time from people when we first meet them. They might have had a bad experience with another financial advisor or a firm or you’ve made mistakes in the past and now you doubt yourself. Know that we have the experience and the desire to help you. 

Debt is a HUGE problem in America. Kudos for admitting it. That’s the first step.

Debt is a thief of wealth and of dreams. A good financial plan must have a plan to pay off debt. And your financial plan with us is no different. It will have a detailed plan to eliminate all debt from your life once and for all. We will show you proven strategies that have helped countless people in the past get rid of that debt. Imagine how you’ll feel to have a plan to be debt-free someday.

Yes, we can certainly manage your investment portfolio. Any type of account whether Traditional IRA, Roth IRA or a non-retirement account, we’ve got you covered. And we offer almost every type of investment from mutual funds, Index Funds like Vanguard, ETFs like iShares as well as portfolio strategists to manage your account according to your needs. In fact, you can get a free review of your account and we’ll explain how we would manage it as your financial advisor.

We can also help you with college planning (529 or Coverdell), Life Insurance to protect your family and your income , Long-term Care Insurance to protect your retirement nest egg and more.

And Yes, we are a fee-only financial advisor.

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Many people spend 10, 20, and 30 years working and end up with very little savings. Don't be one of them!   Avoid these 12 financial mistakes so you can build wealth over your lifetime. Share them with friends, share them with family.

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Independence Matters.

Being independent allows us to provide unbiased advice to our clients without any inherent conflicts. That is what modern day investors are seeking.

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Simply put…we are Financial Advisors in Santa Clarita providing objective financial advice that puts your interests first.

Whether you need guidance on your financial plan or reviewing the health of your company 401k, we are here to help.