Wake-Up Call


Try these morning rituals to get your day off to the right start. What’s your current morning routine? Maybe it goes something like this: mutter an expletive as the alarm goes off, begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed, throw on a robe and take the dog out, while suddenly realizing that you forgot to [...]

Wake-Up Call2022-04-05T06:32:15-07:00

Fiber Optics – Fiber For Heart Health


Celebrate American Heart Health Month by embracing more fiber in your diet According to the National Institutes of Health, most people consume less than half of the recommended amounts of fiber, despite the health benefits that come with it. Those who have diets rich in fiber are more likely to manage their weight, and [...]

Fiber Optics – Fiber For Heart Health2021-03-04T14:30:38-08:00

Volunteer Vacations


They could be among the most memorable journeys you take. Travel with a difference: the essence of the volunteer vacation. You take the trip, you help make the difference for others, and perhaps you see the world differently as a byproduct. If you are thinking about combining travel with some service, there are things you [...]

Volunteer Vacations2019-07-26T03:30:04-07:00

Have Kids, Accomplish More?


Two studies link parenting and productivity. Being a mom may make you a more productive worker. Two recent studies have made that claim, and the flextime often requested by working moms may be a contributing factor. Ernst & Young research concluded that, on average, women working flexible hours wasted less time at work (11.1% of [...]

Have Kids, Accomplish More?2019-04-30T17:12:09-07:00

Have You Been “Glamping”?


Nature + creative comforts = a nice camping upgrade. Take camping, infuse it with a little glamour, and you have “glamping”. The tent is set up for you, complete with a nice bed, outlets and/or heat sources, along with hot showers nearby. Good food and drink are steps away, plus the unspoiled outdoors. Sometimes glamping [...]

Have You Been “Glamping”?2019-03-04T19:41:57-08:00

What Makes a Cruise Vacation Great?


Look for these characteristics as you plan a voyage. Cruises abound, appealing to all manner of audiences. Many of them are good, but what are the special touches that make certain ones great? More amenities included in the base price. No cruise is totally all-inclusive, but higher-end lines will sometimes incorporate drinks, alternative restaurants, gratuities, [...]

What Makes a Cruise Vacation Great?2019-03-04T19:45:52-08:00

Investing in Your Career


Your biggest financial asset is your ability to earn a paycheck With all the attention and occasional hand-wringing over the retirement savings gap facing millions of Americans, one observation often goes unmentioned: your biggest financial asset, or at least one of your biggest assets, is your ability to earn a living. That is not to [...]

Investing in Your Career2016-12-14T17:05:41-08:00

Vacation Value


Getting value may not be your first priority when planning a vacation, but it’s probably an important consideration. With some planning, you can have a great time and still avoid breaking your budget. Here are just a few tips to remember when planning your vacation: Plan ahead and book your transportation and accommodations well in [...]

Vacation Value2016-12-14T17:05:59-08:00
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