The Right 401k  Plan Gives Your Company An Edge.

401k plan santa claritaBusiness is getting more competitive each year. In order for you to be a top-quartile company you need to retain the top quality employees that you have as well as constantly attract new talent. The future of your business depends on it.

Successful companies offer employees all of the following:

  • Great work environment (leadership, management, and challenging work)
  • Complete compensation packages (salary, employee benefits, 401k program)
  • Confidence in the long-term vision

401k Plan: Our Experienced Team Can Help

“One size does not fit all” – Our team is highly versed in the different retirement plans you can use to potentially lower your taxes as well as build employee loyalty. We’ll take the time to understand your goals before we design a plan for your company. We will take into account your goals for the plan, the size of your company and plan costs to determine the right fit. Our financial advisors can help you implement the proper retirement plan for the company and your valued employees. We understand that a 401k plan is not the right retirement plan for every business so our financial advisors will take the time to explain the various options available to you.

Independence and Your 401k Needs

Unlike most firms, we don’t have a proprietary product so we remain neutral throughout the entire selection process allowing us to focus on the needs of you, your company, and your employees. We work with the top 401k providers (e.g. Fidelity 401k, Principal 401k, ING 401k and American Funds) making them compete for your business.

8 out of 10 Employees Are Not On Track To Retire. A recent study showed us that over 80% of employees nationwide are not on track to reach their retirement goals. As an employer, you share the responsibility for guiding your employees toward making decisions that will afford them greater financial freedom in retirement. But here’s the quandary: just as your workers look to you for financial guidance and advice, you must adjust to a sea change in plan regulation and administration.

Going Beyond a 401k:

  • Services for Employers: Managing a plan on your own can be daunting especially with the new rules and regulations coming out of Washington. We’ll work with you to select the proper investments for your plan and ensure you’re not only informed of new rules and regulations but have the documents you need prepared for your next audit.
  • Services for Employees: To ensure plan participants are getting the most out of the plan, we’ll come to your worksite to provide education workshops on personal finance, retirement, and how to build a retirement portfolio. Your employees will have access to a local financial advisor  (not a 1-800 number) and when employees are transitioning out of your company, we can work directly with them on their 401k rollover minimizing potential liability and leaving you and your team focused on the business.

Offer your employees more: Learn about Worksite Financial Solutions a guidance-based, beginning-to-end retirement solution designed to help your employees create confidence in their financial life.

Why Businesses Choose Virtue

Help our clients improve their quality of life and achieve their financial goals by providing them high-quality unbiased financial advice and unrivaled personal attentive service.
Honesty and Integrity are at the core of everything we do. We focus on making our exceptional client focus unrivaled.
We promise to put our client’s needs first helping them pursue all their life goals in order to reach true wealth.

Already have a 401k or Retirement Plan?

The Dept of Labor expects you to know your 401k plan fees. Make sure you and your employees are not over-paying. Find out now before your next audit. You should review your plan every 2 years. Request a complimentary and discreet fee analysis to see how your plan fees compare.

Get a 401k Plan Fiduciary

Being a 401k plan sponsor is more complicated than ever and the demands keep growing. Learn how our 401k Fiduciary Service can help you share plan liability and take work off your plate. Read more: Retirement Plan Fiduciaries are more popular than ever.

IRA or 401k: What’s the Right Retirement Plan for Your Company?

Want another Tax Deduction? Consider a new plan. You may be eligible for a 

$1,500 Tax Credit.  Ask us how during your free consultation.

Did You Know: “At least three-quarters of employed young adults say it is important for their employer to provide health insurance, a retirement savings plan, a wellness plan, and education and/or advice on how to save for retirement.” – AARP study (January 2008). Learn how Worksite Financial Solutions can help.


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