By 2020, it could be in place.

internet-of-thingsImagine your home or office completely wired. Everything is voice activated or Web activated. All your devices are artificially intelligent, and you can control them remotely. This is the Internet of Things, and it is on its way.

The IoT may change your daily life. Picture yourself on your way to work, you’re running late – but your car sends a text to your boss to let her know, while also sending your favorite drink order to the coffee house you frequent a mile from the office. Coffee in hand, you find the new laptop battery you needed; your computer ordered it for you, and a drone made
the delivery.

Your home is pleasantly warm this evening, since the smart HVAC system learned about this week’s cold spell and automatically raised the temperature before you came home. Science fiction? Not for long. BI Intelligence, a research service of Business Insider, forecasts that there will be about four IoT devices for each person on earth by 2020.1

The goal of the IoT is to help you accomplish more and gain more free time. Your retirement and investment strategy has the same objective.

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