Having a strategy to protect your assets is essential to long term financial success.

You’ve worked hard to build your nest egg. But what if a life event caused you to deplete your savings so you could no longer afford to live how you wanted?

Erick, we did it! We’re DONE!” My clients were nearing retirement and on track to achieving their goals. It’s not easy to save and invest enough for retirement. It’s a lot of years of work and sacrifice and at times, it can be a hair-raising journey.

I replied “Congrats! …You’re half-way there.” They look shocked. “What do you mean half-way? We’re here! We did it!”

That’s when I explain the 2 stages of retirement planning:

  1. ACCUMULATION Stage– saving enough.
  2. WITHDRAWAL Stage – withdraw enough from our accounts to pay our bills and have fun but not too much that we use it up too fast. We don’t want to get 10-15 years into retirement and run out of money.

It’s important to think about:

  • How should your investment portfolio change for the withdrawal stage?
  • What if the stock market dropped 40% when you’re in retirement? How would that change your withdrawal strategy?
  • What if a single healthcare event caused you to spend $100,000 per year more than you planned on?

Not having a new plan for this stage is a BIG mistake. 

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