LPL Financial takes the security and privacy of our products seriously.

cyber securityTo safeguard data, we advocate for security in the conception, design, and implementation of our investor-facing platforms, like Account View 2.0. We strive to build the most innovative, secure, and empowering tools for financial professionals and their clients, and encourage our third-party partners and the industry to join us in that commitment. Security is an evolving journey and as cybercriminals change their tactics, we adapt and accelerate our security posture to stay one step ahead.

One of the benefits of using LPL’s tools is that they’re only available to LPL clients. We’ve designed these tools for our diverse client base and they meet California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and other industry, state, and federal regulations. This means that no matter your background, location, or experience, our product is accessible and can be used.

Strong Security Framework

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Account View 2.0 accounts use two-step authentication to verify your identity. Take the additional step to reduce your risk and better protect accounts from unauthorized access.

Mobile Apps

  • Additional security features were implemented to further protect and ease the use of mobile app access by including Face or Touch ID, during initial setup.
  • Modern design, architecture, and code reviews are performed to ensure industry best practices and adherence to LPL policies to meet security and compliance requirements.

Secure Access Anywhere

  • Know you’ll get quick and secure access through any device, feel safe and even more connected when accessing your mobile app or through the web portal.
  • Sensitive data is secured, masked, and/or encrypted where applicable, to provide a secure experience.
  • Regular scanning for vulnerability is done on the environment and supporting infrastructure.
  • Penetration testing is performed by third-party experts.
  • Recurring patching and modernization are implemented regularly.
  • User profiles are placed on alert and fraud lock if suspicious activity is identified.

This material is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. This material was prepared by LPL Financial, LLC

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