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How to Identify Investment Scams


Bernard Madoff Based on the FBI’s most recent internet crime report, investment fraud saw a 38% increase in 2023 with losses accruing up to $4.57 billion dollars. It is important to note that the FBI has seen investment scam losses increase exponentially since 2020, showing no signs of slowing down. Cybercriminals are relying [...]

How to Identify Investment Scams2024-05-09T14:45:43-07:00

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?


Whether you’re 23 or 35, it’s important to know whether you are saving enough for your retirement. There is no time like the present to ensure you are allocating enough funds to your retirement account. With folks routinely living into their 80s and 90s, it’s more important than ever to ensure your money lasts [...]

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?2023-11-20T15:10:31-08:00

Is India the New China?


India has emerged as a compelling economic growth story and an increasingly attractive alternative to China within the emerging markets complex. A growing population with a robust and young workforce, significant infrastructure spending, and an ongoing digital transformation have been key catalysts to India’s outperformance over China. India has also benefited from the de-globalization [...]

Is India the New China?2023-09-25T14:02:21-07:00

Tax Changes Coming for 2025


Hold onto your hats, folks, because big tax changes are making their grand entrance! Spoiler Alert: taxes are going up! Guess what? Starting in 2025, prescription drug prices are getting a bit of a makeover. Picture this: a fancy price cap on prescription meds! If you're on Medicare, here's the lowdown: they're proposing a [...]

Tax Changes Coming for 20252023-09-22T10:51:23-07:00

Certified Financial Planner Adds to Virtue Team


Welcome Ross Allen, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Plan Manager, LPL Financial In his role as Plan Manager at LPL Financial, Ross supports Virtue Wealth Management where he assists in developing and executing comprehensive financial plans. As a member of the LPL Paraplanning Services team, Ross partners with advisors to deliver financial planning support by [...]

Certified Financial Planner Adds to Virtue Team2024-02-22T15:33:13-08:00

US Debt Downgrade – Why is market pulling back?


Volatility has returned right on queue as U.S. equity markets continue to pull back from overbought levels. The recent jump in interest rates has proven to be too much too fast for stocks to absorb, especially for the heavyweight and longer-duration technology sector. Deteriorating economic conditions in China and weak seasonal trends have been [...]

US Debt Downgrade – Why is market pulling back?2023-08-24T10:02:37-07:00

401k Catch Up Contributions are Changing in 2024 – Be aware


If You Make Over $145,000, You May Have to Pay Taxes on Your Catch-Up Contributions Planning for retirement is a crucial aspect of financial management, and catch-up contributions have long been a valuable tool for individuals looking to boost their savings. However, changes are on the horizon that may impact high-earning individuals who make [...]

401k Catch Up Contributions are Changing in 2024 – Be aware2023-07-17T09:40:03-07:00

Earnings Estimates Impressively Rose. Recession likely?


Earnings Estimates for 2023 Impressively Rose Last Week With just over half of S&P 500 companies having reported results, the consensus estimate for S&P 500 year-over-year earnings growth in the first quarter is -3.7%, up more than 2 percentage points from the prior week. While an earnings recession is likely, with a second straight [...]

Earnings Estimates Impressively Rose. Recession likely?2023-05-01T10:18:36-07:00
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