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Saving college funds for children


As college costs are expected to continue climbing, let me help you plan for your child's education expenses. Life insurance can be vital in helping you save college funds for your children. Whether you're there or not. I’ll help you determine how much you’ll need for your child’s education fund.  Here are some benefits of [...]

Saving college funds for children2022-11-03T08:16:24-07:00

Long-term Care Benefits and What They Cover


Long-term care insurance coverage can help pay for home health care, nursing home costs, adult day care and other qualifying services. Benefits are paid tax-free after qualifying conditions are met.1 If you never need long-term care, your beneficiaries will receive your death benefit, tax-free. What does long-term care insurance cover? Long-term care insurance can help pay [...]

Long-term Care Benefits and What They Cover2022-10-12T16:06:25-07:00

How much does life insurance cost?


The cost of life insurance may be less expensive than most people think. One survey found that respondents consistently overestimated the cost of term life coverage, and that half of the population estimated the cost of life insurance at more than three-times the actual cost.1 So how much does life insurance really cost? That depends on the [...]

How much does life insurance cost?2022-09-30T13:14:21-07:00

How much life insurance do I need?


Investing & retirement resources It's not really about how much life insurance you need. It's how much money your family will need after you're gone. We’re here to help you make important decisions about insurance planning to protect your loved ones. The right level of coverage When buying a life insurance policy, it's important to choose the [...]

How much life insurance do I need?2022-09-27T14:26:52-07:00

How do I choose the right life insurance product?


Common Questions Why do I need life insurance? Life insurance can offer you some reassurance that the people you love will be taken care of if a tragedy strikes. Payouts are tax-free, so that’s one less thing they will need to worry about. What is the difference between the types of life insurance? Term life [...]

How do I choose the right life insurance product?2022-09-19T11:41:11-07:00

Erick Arndt named one of Valley 200’s Most Influential Leaders


Virtue Wealth Management Founder Erick Arndt was recently given the honor of being named in the Valley 200 Most Influential Leaders by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal! Valley 200 2022:Erick ArndtSCV StartupVirtue Wealth ManagementRetirement Partners of CaliforniaRead the full article here.  Book a consultation Download "12 Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid" for Free! [...]

Erick Arndt named one of Valley 200’s Most Influential Leaders2022-08-16T11:41:59-07:00

Determining if it Makes Sense to Move or Remodel


If you already own your home or have significantly paid down your mortgage, your first instinct might be to make it larger or more efficient. But you must weigh the time, expense, and inconvenience of remodeling against the pricier options of buying and building. Whichever choice you make, ensure you understand the available financing [...]

Determining if it Makes Sense to Move or Remodel2022-07-01T13:58:49-07:00

Moving Back in With Parents After Living Independently


Baby Boomers and Their “Boomerang” Children In recent years, many Baby Boomers have witnessed a growing trend: Their children are moving back home after graduating from college. I have many clients facing this right now. In part, the return of the “boomerang” children to the nest may be due to the high cost of [...]

Moving Back in With Parents After Living Independently2022-06-22T09:43:24-07:00

Finally Some Income for Your Fixed Income


Looking for more income? The unrelenting move higher in U.S. Treasury yields continued last week making it the 15th week (out of the past 16 weeks) that the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury security ended the week higher. Moreover, 10-year Treasury yields have increased by 130 basis points (1.3%) this year with a [...]

Finally Some Income for Your Fixed Income2022-04-19T10:29:08-07:00

Wake-Up Call


Try these morning rituals to get your day off to the right start. What’s your current morning routine? Maybe it goes something like this: mutter an expletive as the alarm goes off, begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed, throw on a robe and take the dog out, while suddenly realizing that you forgot to [...]

Wake-Up Call2022-04-05T06:32:15-07:00
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