women and wealth

Women & Money Paralysis


Not making a move may not be the best move to make. A decision not made may have financial consequences. There is an old belief that women are more cautious about money than men, and whether you believe that or not, both women and men may fall prey to a kind of money paralysis as [...]

Women & Money Paralysis2016-12-14T17:06:59-08:00

Women Need to Take Charge of Their Money


Why do so many of us delegate financial responsibilities to others? Many women are in charge of their financial lives, and proudly so. Some have become their own financial captains as a result of life events; others have always steered their own ships. Even so, there are too many women who are left out of [...]

Women Need to Take Charge of Their Money2016-12-14T17:07:00-08:00
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