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Circuit Breakers Explained


Over the past few weeks, investors may have been introduced to a new term they weren’t previously familiar with: circuit breakers. Today, we answer a few simple questions about circuit breakers: What is a circuit break? A circuit breaker is a built-in temporary halt or momentary pause in trading in the stock market. What are the [...]

Circuit Breakers Explained2020-03-23T10:13:22-07:00

10 Reasons to Worry


One of the oldest market sayings is: “markets climb a wall of worry”—needless to say, it is sometimes good to be cautious. We listed some of our worries recently in What Might Scare Markets, but the action in the S&P 500 Index over the past year—and so far in November—has that list growing. [...]

10 Reasons to Worry2017-11-20T17:47:22-08:00
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