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Debt, Learning, and Future Earning


Debt, Learning, and Future Earning. How to handle the cost of continuing your education. Some people decide to get another college degree later in life. That typically means taking on student debt, and dealing with that debt after 40 takes planning. Between 2005 and 2015, the number of Americans older than 60 carrying outstanding student loans [...]

Debt, Learning, and Future Earning2018-10-23T22:55:55-07:00

Student Loan Debt Growing for Older Americans


For parents who want to help their children pay off loans, a note of caution A growing number of parents appear to want to help, as young-adult children struggle to pay off debt in an era when wages are not growing and rents are high.   But parents need to be careful not to jeopardize [...]

Student Loan Debt Growing for Older Americans2017-05-30T15:25:19-07:00
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