health savings accounts

The Lowdown on Health Savings Accounts


With longer life spans come extended healthcare needs — and significantly more dollars required to pay for them It’s more likely today that you’ll live longer than your grandparents did. The flip side is that you may spend far more on doctors’ bills and treatment for chronic illnesses than previous generations. With healthcare costs continuing [...]

The Lowdown on Health Savings Accounts2019-11-01T17:48:48-07:00

Long-Term Care Choices


A look at three other long-term care (LTC) coverage options. Traditional long-term care insurance has grown costlier—and some of those who buy it may never need the coverage. Are potentially cheaper, flexible options available? Yes.1 Hybrid life insurance policies with LTC riders. These life insurance policies have LTC coverage options available for a fee that you can use [...]

Long-Term Care Choices2018-12-21T21:28:01-08:00
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